Information Systems – Discussion Forum Week 1

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Discussion 1.
To position yourself in the best possible way to succeed in the business world, you need to start researching your career right now. Here, we would like you to focus on the IT skills your career requires. First, consider what career you want to have. Second, visit ( or any other job websites and search for jobs that relate to your career. Read through several of the job postings and determine what IT skills you need to acquire.

**(Career I want to have is to sell products manufactured in Peru and sell them online to US public primarly by using marketing tools suchs as instagram, social media… etc)

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Information Systems – Discussion Forum Week 1
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Discussion 2
Perform a break-even analysis for the following scenario. Assume you sell widgets. You have total fixed costs of $12,000. Your manufacturing and shipping of widgets costs $7 per widget. You sell each widget for $22. What is your break-even point? How many widgets do you have to sell to realize a net profit of $15,000?

Each answer should be one paragraph so 550/2= 275


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