Information System Context – Power Point Portfolio

IS in Context – Power Point Portfolio

 You have been hired as a consultant. Your tasks are:

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Information System Context – Power Point Portfolio
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  • to review social media applications and websites high school students use to make their career choices and based on this propose future developments to the education sector
  • You will need to present your findings to the class


  1. Create a slide showabout the social media applications and other webresources high school students currently use and based on your current knowledge and experiences identify new development opportunities
  2. Create a Power Point Story Board outlining your proposal (5 slides)
    1. Points outlined need to link
    2. You should not use a lot of text
  • Interactive slides and images are preferred
  1. Make sure slides are clear and easy to read
  2. To complete question 1 you will need to review question 2 requirements
  3. Design the slides’ template and the background. Make sure they are suitable for the task and the social media applications / websites you selected or are planning to implement.
    1. Your presentation should have 5 slides
    2. Slides should be consistent – titles, page numbers, colour scheme
    3. Select the font of your choice,make sure it is visible – usually a font size between 18-24 points is suitable. Certain sections, labels, notifications can be smaller.
  4. First slide is the title slide
    1. This slide should have your name, surname, student ID, and the topic of your presentation. This slide should also have an engaging image.
  5. Core of your slides should explain your analysis – use charts, tables, images. Your findings should be a result of the research you conducted – iewhat the most effective social media / applications / websites are, which applications are popular?Note, you should identify a specific topic you will be addressing.
  6. Finally, based on the results, state your suggestions for the future and conclude your arguments.
  7. Present your slides to the class and receive feedback.
  8. Note, your slides should be submitted to vUWS (please check vUWS for details)


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