Information and Digital Literacy

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Assignment Instructions
Goal: The goal of this assignment is to research your topic, evaluate selected sources, and organize your sources.

Course Objective(s):

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Information and Digital Literacy
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CO2 Locate, access, and choose the information that aligns with the scope of the intended research while using a well-planned strategy.
CO5 Analyze the quality of sources: assumptions, currency, and authority, and evaluate the context of when to use information.

During the Week 2 Assignment, Project Plan, you chose a topic and created your project plan. In the Week 3 Lesson, you read about location and access and in Week 4, you learned about organizing your digital information and storing that information responsibly. Now it is time to take the work you did in the Week 2 Assignment, Project Plan, and locate and evaluate sources that that will lead to your Week Week 7 Assignment, Field of Study Project.

Please follow these instructions:
– Download the Source Organization Worksheet Template (in Word).
– Complete Parts I and II in the Template.
– Find a minimum of three (3) sources. One (1) source must be an academic source and from the APUS Trefrey Library and the other sources must be credible and appropriate for college research.
– Please include robust source summaries that explain the contents of the source and the relevance of the source to your topic.

Consider the following:
– Once you complete the Source Organization Worksheet Template, please submit the completed Worksheet.
– See the attached rubric for grading guidelines.

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Discipline: COMM120: Information and Digital Literacy


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