Influence Of K2 Vitamin In Kidney

1. Iterate your application architecture to have at least 2 subsystems per tier (e.g. data tier 3 will have 3.1 local storage and 3.2 cloud storage).

2. List your Functional requirements  as a list (1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 2.1, etc) labeled accordingly and place in your SRS (Download the template IEEE 830 cfrom google)Please use the aattachment file with name SRS template as reference to answer the above point.

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Influence Of K2 Vitamin In Kidney
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3. Start your information architecture design matrix by listing all the Functional requirements on an excel sheet and mapping it to Design Pattern (Components) and PV (how you will acquire the components), Moscow method for priority, and engineering considerations like ETC (estimated time to complete)

Please use the attachment with the name DM for reference to answer the above point.

4. Once you know your ETC per FR, then you can populate your Gantt chart using Microsoft project.  Each task that needs to be completed will be listed in left column (along y-axis) and the ETC will be graphically estimated showing bars for each task (along x-axis).

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