Indian Boarding Schools

5-7 page essay (double Spaced 12-point font) related to the Indian Boarding Schools (Module 6). Read First Americans Ch.11 p. 365-381 and watch the Module 6 videos.  Then, put together an essay describing the Indian Boarding Schools, identifying the positives (if any) and negatives, and formulating a alternative plan that designed to help the Native American children be successful in the wider American society.  Your essay must deal with the information on and quotations from Henry Ward Beecher and Sitting Bull and discuss their takes on the Boarding School program.

Mod 6 video:

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Indian Boarding Schools
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The following quotes are from Henry Ward Beecher and Sitting Bull. Conduct simple internet research to learn about these men.

  • Henry Ward Beecher

  • Sitting Bull

Then read the following quotes carefully and relate each quote to the mission and activities of the Indian boarding schools. In your answer be sure to discuss how Henry Beecher Stowe and Sitting Bull’s beliefs and life experiences might have prompted them to issue these quotes.


“The common schools
are the stomachs of the country
in which all people that come to us
are assimilated within a generation.
When a lion eats an ox,
the lion does not become an ox
but the ox becomes a lion.”

..Henry Ward  Beecher

“If the Great Spirit had desired me
to be a white man 
he would have made me so 
in the first place. 
He put in your heart 
certain wishes and plans; 
in my heart he put
other and different desires. 
Each man is good 
in the sight of the Great Spirit. 

It is not necessary, 
that eagles should be crows.”
..Sitting Bull (Teton Sioux)




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