Income tax expense

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Please note the following requirement for assignment:

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Income tax expense
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Make sure you use Word document (and not pdf) and also name your file as

Week 4-Your first name-Your last name

This is an APA paper so you must include a title page/cover sheet and a reference page.

I insist all paper to have headings. You can use the requirements given to you for this assignment as your heading. Follow this same instruction in the following weeks.

You must use the attached Word template to answer and to submit your week 4 individual homework assignment. If you do not include such template with your submission you will not full credit. You can attach such template to your paper in Word format.


W4 Individual

Use the following template to complete and submit your week 4 homework assignment. This template is part of the requirement. The other part is for you to write a response to the other requirements. You must complete this assignment in the same format as other week’s paper. Note that this is not an APA paper. You can include this Word document to your week 4 assignment and submit as one Word document. That means the first part is the paper and then follow by including this Word template to your paper after the reference page.

Make sure you name it as W4-your first name- your last name.

Fail to include and use this template with your submission (as one Word file) will cause you to lose 10% of the grade.

Please note the following from the publisher:

There is insufficient information to calculate the amount of depreciation that would be deducted from the $200,000 pretax accounting income if the purchase were made; hence, the solution will ignore it (do not discuss “make” option) and concentrate only on the deferred tax impacts.

a. Use the following format (also see attached)

ACC497-Week 4 Individual HW-student-attachment.doc

to answer (a): The projected amount of income tax expense that would be recognized if Whitley waits until next year to purchase the equipment is calculated as follows:

Pretax accounting income $200,000

Reversal of deductible amount

Reversal of taxable amount

Taxable income

Tax rate x 40%

Taxes payable

Decrease in deferred tax asset

Decrease in deferred tax liability

(42,500 x 40%)

Income tax expense $

b. The projected amount of income tax expense that would be recognized if Whitley purchases the equipment in 2013 is calculated as follows:

Income tax expense, calculated in a. $

Increase in deferred tax liability (50,000 x 40%)

Income tax expense $

c. EPS – Postpone purchase: =

EPS – purchase in 2013:

Decline in EPS


The Whitley Corporation’s year-end is December 31, 2013. It is now October 1, 2013. The Whitley management team is taking a look at the prior nine months and attempting to make some short-term strategy decisions.

Whitley has experienced steady growth over the five preceding years. The result has been a steadily increasing EPS. Last year, Whitley reported an EPS of 1.95.

This year, owing to a mild recession, Whitley’s sales have fallen off. Management is looking for strategies that can improve the appearance of the financial statements. At the same time, there is a need for new equipment in the plant. Despite the recession, Whitley has enough cash to make the purchase.

Based on the year’s performance to date and extrapolation of the results to year-end, management feels that the pretax financial accounting income for the year will be $200,000. Transactions from prior years have resulted in a deferred tax asset of $15,000 and a deferred tax liability of $70,000 at the beginning of 2013. The temporary difference of $37,500 that resulted in the deferred tax asset is expected to completely reverse by the end of 2013. The deferred tax liability resulted totally from temporary depreciation differences. There will be a pretax reversal of $42,500 in this temporary difference during 2013.

Based on currently enacted tax law, the purchase of the equipment will result in a future taxable amount of $50,000. Whitley management feels that it can wait four to six months to purchase the machine. Whitley’s tax rate is 40 percent.

Write a response of 700 to 1,050 words to the following:

Determine the projected amount of income tax expense that would be reported if Whitley waits until next year to purchase the equipment.
Determine the projected amount of income tax expense that would be reported if Whitley purchases the equipment in 2013.
Explain why Whitley should/shouldn’t wait to purchase the equipment. Your answer should take into consideration the expected financial statement effects, as well as the effect on EPS. Support your conclusions with pro forma data. The number of shares that Whitley will use to calculate EPS is 55,500.
Determine the ethical considerations of this case.


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