Important Social Movements

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Chappell, R. (2014). Social welfare in Canadian society (5th ed). Toronto, Ontario: Nelson. Chapter 3: Historical Foundations (pp. 63–89) and Chapter 4: Social Welfare in the Globalization Era (pp.90–118)

Critical Reflection – Important Social Movements

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Important Social Movements
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Write 200–450 words analyzing a historical social movement and compare/contrast it to the current LGBTTIQQ2SA movement.

Do you consider LGBTTIQQ2SA as a civil rights issue of today? Why or why not?

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Analysis of the professional movement and comparison with LGBT people

Social movements can be defined as groups of people or organizations that focus on social or political issues. Unlike the LGBT movement, Occupy Wall Street is committed to the equality of justice and democracy for all, while LGBT people focus on the rights of a group of people.

LGBT people are a social movement that defends the rights of LGBT people in society. The roots of LGBT people go back to the early 1960s (Bernstein, 2015). The movement focused on promoting economic, social, and political issues related to LGBT people, but the Occupy movement is a good example of how modern social movements have changed. It was a universal, progressive sociopolitical movement that mobilized resistance to economic and social development. Inequality and supposed inability to have a real democracy around the world.

However, two sentences have different similarities. For example, both started locally, but quickly changed internationally. In addition, both use traditional and modern technological tools and alternative forms of organization to express their concerns. The two groups are now communicating their interests through social media. They also create physical and apolitical spaces to reaffirm people’s power (Hull, 2016). Businesses influence culture in a way that has few advantages and undermines democracy.

In general, I see LGBTTIQQ2SA today as a matter of civil rights. LGBT group supporters claim that members were born this way and cannot change even if they try. Social and legal institutions must therefore be set up to defend the rights of LGBTTIQQ2SA.


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