I’m working on a nursing report and need a sample draft to help me learn.

PICOT Statement: In OR nurses doing a five minute scrub. What are the differences in the presence and types of microbes found on natural polished nails and nail beds and artificial nails at the time of surgery?
Write a three to four page paper that includes the PICOT statement, summarizes three research articles, and discusses how implementing the evidence based practice could improve the situation. The paper will be written using 7th ed. APA format and Times New Roman font 12pt. A properly formatted cover page is required. However, an abstract is not needed.
Find three peer-reviewed research articles from Nursing Journals that address ways to correct or improve the issue using evidence based practice. The articles must be within the last 5 years and must be actual research articles, not editorials or summaries of articles.
The paper will have a minimum of four in-text citations that match the corresponding journal article listed on the reference page.
The reference page will have a minimum of three peer-reviewed nursing journals that are no older than five years.

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I’m working on a nursing report and need a sample draft to help me learn.
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