RESEARCH:  Find and read 3 additional sources other than existing ones for the research argument essay: 2 in support; 1 against

WRITE: Create an annotation for each source (including the thesis;
evaluation and how you will use the source to further your argument)

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Illegal Immigration 2

Illegal Immigration


Illegal immigration is the movement from one country to another while going against the immigration laws of the country you are moving in to. It can also refer to residing in a country illegally.

“Illegal immigrants increase the deficit on the budget and the governments amount of debt”, is the argument that I came up with. Immigration officers as well as the illegal immigrants are the potential stakeholders in the argument. Most people argue that illegal immigrants spend more from the benefits offered by the governments than they could possibly generate through paying taxes. In America for example research showed that the age of the immigrants mainly is what determines their contribution to the government with the ages of 25-40 being an advantage to the government while those beyond the age of 60 most probably being a burden since only a few of them have the capacity to work. Regularly between 50-70 percent of the immigrants pay taxes. The thinking behind this argument is the thought that there are individuals who are beneficiaries of taxes paid by illegal immigrants while the same individuals do not comply to paying of taxes. Resources beneficial in engaging in the discussion would be the constitution, available data on the behavior of tax payment by illegal immigrants and the written documents on the advantages and disadvantages of illegal immigration.


People migrate for various reasons that vary from reuniting with families, extreme poverty, trade purposes, over population, wars, lack of necessary services or even being deprived of one’s citizenship among other reasons.

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