Illegal immigration poses severe threats to the country they settle.

My position in the argumentative essay is that illegal immigration poses severe threats to the country they settle. On a budgetary perspective, the country has added another burden of meeting their needs. Apart from this, there are so many dangers of illegal immigrants. In respect to the spread of diseases, they pose a serious threat as they are not adequately screened for contagious diseases that may be spread to other people in the country. This is a significant health risk to the country. In respect to the economic challenges, job loss by the people of the host country has in the recent past been associated with illegal immigrants (Arrhenius & Coronado, 2017). This has led to many laws and measures to be taken to address the issue by the authorities.

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Illegal immigration poses severe threats to the country they settle.
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Despite this, there another perspective that the illegal immigrants bring to the country when these people enter into a given state, they become part and parcel of that country. They pay taxes just like other citizens of that country. These people also offer a great source of cheap labor for the industries in the country and therefore helps in building the economy. In countries where there is a shortage of labor force, they help to bridge the gap in the labor market. This group of people also brings a lot of diversity in a country that not only opens avenues for cultural and social aspects but also enhances creativity. This is one an essential element of development as diversity helps in building ideas and putting them into practice. However, since the issue of illegal immigration remains one of the hotly contested issues, there needs to be a point of congruence for all arguments to come up with an amicable solution to this issue affecting many countries.

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