Paper instructions

Write a 15- to 20-page research paper on a subject of your choosing within the framework of Cybersecurity Infrastructure, including areas of interest, breaking news, technology, or other related topics. After you’ve selected a topic, submit your idea with an abstract to the instructor for approval.

Your paper must:

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Conform to APA form and style and use APA citations
Utilize at least five valid, scholarly sources
Include at least fifteen (15) pages of “real” content, but no more than twenty (20) pages. Glossaries or other supporting data should be placed in an appendix.

Also, my paper should be tied into how the IoT devices might threaten our Critical Infrastructure.

My paper will discuss the the internet of today and how everyone is connected by technology by some way or form. I want to depict how its almost impossible to live in this day without being connected by phone, internet, Database, etc. I will then go into how this paves the way for criminals to have and gain access so easily. Ill also discuss hacking into your personal devices you use everyday by phishing methods and being attached to public networks and even having your bluetooth on sometime and even by paying at the pump without checking they could potentially hack into your bank accounts. Closing would be ways to protect yourself.


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