Identify challenges to the selected biometric | Homework Help

Biometrics continues to be an emerging field, and its use continues to evolve in criminal investigations. As you know, fingerprints are considered to be scientifically valid evidence that has been accepted by various courts. However, many of these new technologies have not had enough time to be scientifically recognized as valid means of identifying somebody for criminal trial related purposes. With this in mind, examine some of the challenges with the lesser accurate forms of biometrics, including facial recognition, voice recognition (voice stress analysis), or signature recognition. Prepare a 3-5 page paper that aIDresses the following questions:

Select 1 of the above listed less accurate forms of biometrics and summarize the science behind it (i.e., how it works) and how it can be used in criminal investigations.

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Identify challenges to the selected biometric | Homework Help
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Identify at least 2 challenges to the selected biometric. In other words, what are the limitations of its use?

Provide a hypothetical example of the selected biometric being used in a criminal investigation.

Support your work with properly cited research and examples of the selected biometrics applied in the public and private sector.


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