Identify a compelling social issue related to global rights you would like to address

1.Identify a compelling social issue related to global rights you would like to address. For example, requiring to wear a mask, abortion, etc. Pick an issue that has not been addressed. 6-8 pages, instruction detail in the file attached.

2.After completing the writing, create a oral script for the writing, including thesis, research idea, conclusion, etc. Detail instruction in the file attached.

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Identify a compelling social issue related to global rights you would like to address
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As you are aware, the goal of English 1B is to develop your research skills to the college level and to teach you to use research to support your argument. A close reading of a primary source can give insight into a subject, but in order to get a more informed and comprehensive perspective, one needs to look to experts. A published commentary by a critic who knows the subject well and is familiar with the material can provide insights that otherwise may not be available. Such comments and interpretations – known as secondary sources can take you into an issue further than if you made the journey by yourself.

Consider the topics that have come up in the course readings, topics related to “global rights and perceptions”. Identify a compelling social issue you would like to address. Narrow it down to a topic that can be usefully dealt with in about 5-8 pages. Begin your paper with a clear focus: the purpose of convincing others to agree with your ideas, share your values and accept your argument and solutions. Then attempt to make your thinking believable. Instead of relying on personal feelings and observations, find quotations from readings and corroboration of your claims in secondary sources to support your main idea. A minimum of five scholarly critical sources is required, out of which you may use only one (non-published) electronic source.

Remember your goal is to get the reader to understand and possibly accept your interpretation and argument. Keep in mind that your reader will be unbiased but critical, therefore, evidence not rhetoric will be needed to accomplish your goal.

Paper Format Papers should be five to eight pages long, titled, typed (no smaller than 12 font size) double-spaced, numbered and stapled together, with a separate page each for title (optional, graphics welcome) and bibliographical citations. Remember to use MLA format for in-text citation, documentation and bibliographic purposes. You can use charts, graphs, clip art, or illustrations that enhance the appearance of your finished project.

Papers will be judged on critical insight, originality and an ability to formulate a persuasive argument validated by appropriate illustration and documentation. Grammatical and stylistic problems detract significantly from the impact of the paper. Please make sure the paper is thoroughly proofread and free of such errors.

Oral Presentation

You will be required to do a five-eight minute presentation on your paper to the class. This presentation should include your thesis, your research ideas, and the conclusion to which you arrived. Be sure to address the major concerns of your paper and to cite research to support your central idea. Also included should be a statement on why your research is significant or enlightening to you and your audience. In order to meet the time constraint, please choose only pertinent details from your project. You can use any props or aids that you desire to enliven your presentation.

● At least 5 resourse ● Paper should be 25% based on research, 75% own writing and thought


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