IB English A Analysis of an extract.


2 extracts have been uploaded. Pick ONLY 1 extract and complete. NO PLAGIARISM DO NOT CITE ANY EXTERNAL SOURCES The essay should also contain: A guiding question that should be followed and answered. Each extract has a different guiding question. Audience / purpose – Who does the extract target? What does the author wish to achieve through the extract? Content / theme – What is literally ‘happening’ in the extract? What is it about? What are the main ideas of the extract? Tone / mood – How does the extract make you and/or the target audience feel? Describe the atmosphere of the extract. Stylistic devices – How does the author use language to convey a sentiment or message? What kinds of linguistic tools does he/she employ? Structure – How is the extract organized, literally (i.e. layout/formatting)? What kinds of structural elements of a particular extract type do you see? Quote the line or text or mention/state the line/paragraph or any indication to indicate the text for analysis if necessary. Include an analysis of symbolism if there’s any symbolism in the text. Include analysis of layout if necessary such as colour used, symbolism of a picture, structure, etc. Any valid analysis. All the analysis doesn’t require any proof, it is considered to be valid if the analysis makes sense with a point mentioned and supported by explanation and evidence in the text. Preferably, connect the extract to a global issue and talk about the global issue.

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IB English A Analysis of an extract.
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