i need help with engl The Rhetorical Situation and Your Research Argument

This week, we are examining the rhetorical situation in the film The Social Dilemma. By now, you should have a clear idea for your thesis statement and your argument for the Research Project. So, for this week’s discussion, I want you to clearly identify an element of the rhetorical situation in your own research by answering the following prompt:
First, I want you to state your MAIN ARGUMENT (your thesis statement) – I want you to write – This Research will argue___________________.
Then explain how you have one example of logos, as a SUB-CLAIM to support your MAIN argument – this should come from one of the sources you found for the Prospectus. Then explain how this source can give evidence to support your thesis statement.
Then identify an IDEAL audience for your research, which is not EVERYONE or SOCIETY in a general way, but a select group who you think might need to hear your argument, and then state how your argument might benefit them in some way.
For Example:
My argument is that digital media, like online video games, can foster learning for young students. I have one source written by John Smith who conducted a study over video games that showed an improvement in non-linear learning in students age 6-9. I think I would use this source as a Sub-Claim for non-linear learning that is a part of digital media learning overall. This supports my main argument by suggesting that teachers can improve learning by adopting non-linear learning. My ideal audience is elementary teachers who might not be aware of some of this research, like the STEM academies. Some teachers may not have the tools to apply this kind of teaching in their classrooms or understand how it can improve learning, and this research might convince them to try digital media in their own classrooms.
Discussion Post Guidelines (For all Discussion Posts this Semester)
Post length: Should be at least 100 words minimum (a short paragraph). I’m looking for thoughtful discussions. You need to give specifics and respond to the prompts completely so make sure you read each prompt carefully. You will not be able to see your classmates post until you make your post.
Then reply to two classmates: 30 to 50 words (At least a sentence, or two) that clearly responds to some specifics of your classmates post. Try to do more that just reply with “I agree” or “Great post” and instead try to engage with your peers by pointing to something specific they said or providing an alternative idea that you think might be valuable to them.

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i need help with engl The Rhetorical Situation and Your Research Argument
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