Hypothetical newsletter for jeep in UAE focusing on the wrangler 2020 model,

Paper instructions

I’ll be doing a hypothetical newsletter for jeep in UAE focusing on the wrangler 2020 model, and I want the writer to be able to find info on the following :

1- look at two creative ads of jeep wrangler and analyze them (add image and links )

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Hypothetical newsletter for jeep in UAE focusing on the wrangler 2020 model,
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2-give a brief summary on the new model wrangler 2020, mentioning all the modifications they added .. etc everything like color options and wheels and everything. Try not to have technical words but a simplified definition that anybody could understand. Have 2-3 sentences fro each modification. That is excluding the breif

3- find three locations (dealers) that make these modification like “jeepers” and “off-road” and ” Ramy automotive”use these for the research they are based in uae and give a brief summary of each place and what they offer like services and whether they only work with jeep or not with all brands…etc. and most importantly if they an add the new modifications of wrangler 2020 info an older model of wrangler.

4-in the uae there are usually events for all jeep owners, I want the writer to find 3-4 events and mention them and mention what happens in this event and please make them different from each other and who makes these events like what place from the three mentioned above or other places. and if its a new place mention a brief on them. like have a section of upcoming events and mention them separately giving a brief summary of each event and whether its only for wrangler owners or everyone to come and enjoy, ofc mentioning the location , time, and etc.

5- experience review have 2-3 reviews written by people that actually went to one of theses events and modify there reviews.

6-have a section named “thinking about buying a wrangler ?” And for the section you will list what a person can think of buying a wrangler and all the good reasons and how they can join jeep communities and have jeep wrangler friends and join in events and also list places to but the wrangler from like the very famous and only place(dealer) that sells wranglers in uae “TRADING ENTERPRISES” and “WESTERN MOTORS”. And list there location.

7- I want the writer to pick two landscape newsletters example that has images and text and make a short analysis on each of them mentioning what is working and what it not and how can it be improved.

8- I want the writer to suggest two more sections to add to the hypothetical newsletter. And tell me first about them and when I approve they start writing on it.

Final instructions :
-I want each section as it is numbered and I want the writer to give it a creative title (something unusual and makes the reader want the read the rest of this section ) the writer could give me 2 options for title each section so I can pick and see if they goes well or not.
for each section I want the writer to find a suitable image to add , anything, but most important creative photos.
I want the writer to come up with 3 titles for the front page of the newsletter, also to be creative or also have a play on words.
Lastly every info mentioned I want the link of it (no need for citation ) and I want it to be accessible and next to each section mention what website it was gotten from.
Remember that this research is only on uae. So all info should be related to uae only.


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