The purpose of this assignment is to strengthen students’ understanding of the role that structural bias can play in negatively influencing health and creating barriers to achieving health equity. Please do the following. Read articles by Jones (2000) and Bahls (2011) posted on Canvas course page under classes for 11/4 and 10/14, respectively. (I WILL SEND TO YOU THE ARTICLES) Select one of the following health issues: a) hypertension; or b) diabetes. Based on these readings and other literature, prepare a 2-4 page, 12-point font, double-spaced paper (reference list not included in page limit) that addresses the following: 1)  Considering your selected health issue, give at least two examples of how each of the three levels of racism (total 6) as described by Jones might lead to poorer health outcomes for African-Americans compared to Whites. Be sure to describe the barriers that might exist in each example. 2)  Describe three approaches (one for each level) that you think could be used to address structural bias and how you think that approach could potentially reduce health inequities between African-Americans and Whites in the US. Be sure to: 1) Be specific and provide support from the literature for your statements; 2) Clearly distinguish between your opinion and that of others (be sure to use in-text citations); 3) Present your words not the words of others from literature or internet sources; 4) Maintain an objective and professional tone in your writing; 5) Cite your in-text references and create your list of references in APA style*. Grading Rubric – Your grade will be based on the following considerations: 1)  Answering all question items (C1-C2) adequately; 2)  Good quality content in responses and maintaining a professional tone; 3)  Use of quality sources; 4)  Making specific statements with supporting evidence; 5)  Correctly using in-text citations and APA references. *See APA guidelines under Library website or contact a Reference librarian for assistance. Assign 2 F20.10-28-20

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