Human Resources Management- leadership and change management


Report question is Choose an organisation that you are familiar with and based on that knowledge and understanding, write a report identifying and discussing the leadership style(s) used within the organisation. Your report should provide a critical analysis of the effectiveness of these leadership styles. Assessment Criteria: Criteria Maximum Marks Introduction 10% Demonstrate a clear understanding of theory 30% Application of theory to practice 30% Conclusion 10% 8 Coherence 10% Harvard References and Citation 10% Total 100% THE ORGANISATION I HAVE CHOSEN IS TESCO I HAVE ATTACHED A READING LIST TO THIS. I NEED WORK THATS OF A 1ST DEGREE LEVEL I NEED THE LEVEL OF WORK TO BE 1.2 1500WORDS MAKE SURE YOU EXPLAIN THE DIFFERENT LEADERSHIP STYLES IN DEPTH AND HOW THEY EFFECT TESCO. THIS WORK IS FOR A HR DEGREE LEVEL 6 AND COMES UNDER LEADERSHIP AND CHANGE MANAGEMENT

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Human Resources Management- leadership and change management
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