Human Resources and Labour Relations

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Please take a look at my previous assignments to get more information.

Part A: Human Resources and Labour Relations

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Human Resources and Labour Relations
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  1. Prepare position descriptions for the top three jobs in your business. Include job qualifications, job details, level of responsibility, amount of authority, level of decision making, and reporting structure. If you will be doing all three jobs, estimate the amount of time you will devote to each job function.
  2. Describe the strategies you will use to fulfill all of the critical functions in your start-up business. Will you recruit family members? Will you contract virtual employees? Will you hire part-time or full-time staff? What critical functions MUST be fulfilled for your company to be successful?
  3. What are the management and union strategies for dealing with conflict?

(Maximum 1,500 words)

Part B: Marketing—Your Customer

  1. Identify the market segment you are targeting for your business idea. Describe the profile of this target market, using the five forms of segmentation:
    • Demographic (age, gender, occupation, income, education etc…population statistics)
    • Geographic (location details and a map)
    • Psychographic (personality or lifestyle related info)
    • Benefit (product features they are buying)
    • Volume (amount purchased and frequency )
  • Segment, or break down, the target market you described into customer groups..
  • Select the best segment to which to market your business idea. Give your rationale to support your choice of market segment (niche market).

(Maximum 1,250 words)

Part C: Marketing—Product, Price, Place, and Promotion

  1. Describe your product or service and the strategies you will use to introduce it to your niche market.
  2. Explain how you will obtain a consumer-perceivable competitive advantage over your competitors for your business idea. Try to be as explicit as possible when describing this advantage, which is also called a unique selling proposition (USP).
  3. Describe your pricing strategy. Give your rationale for choosing this strategy. You might want to create a competitive price comparison chart to help to describe how you plan to price your product/service
  4. Describe the distribution channels most commonly used in your industry sector. What distribution channel(s) will you select for your product? What is your rationale for choosing this channel(s)?
  5. If you are providing a service, how will you deliver the service? Is the service a continuous function or a one-time function? Will a final product be delivered? Will your company work on line or need access to a physical premise?
  6. Preamble to the question that follows…The combination of advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, and public relations used to promote a product or service is called the promotional mix. Each organization creates its own mix for each product or service so as to be able to deliver its message to the identified target market and reach its communications goals. In today’s competitive market it is important that marketing fully integrate these components as well as others such as direct marketing, packaging, websites, and more to be sure that one consistent message is delivered to the customer.
  7. Choose a promotional campaign for a product or service that you have noticed within the last three months and use it as an example to help you describe and develop at least four components of a promotional mix (advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, public relations and publicity, etc.) for your business idea. Be sure to focus on the integrated marketing communications (IMC) concepts when building the outline for your business’s promotional campaign.

(Maximum 750 words)


You are not required to provide a complete communications plan (which would include a media plan, budget, and rationale—at least 5,000 words plus exhibits).

Part D: Production and Operations

  1. Briefly identify and describe the following five key elements of your operations plan:
    • Production process—How are you going to produce your product or service? How will you assure quality will be maintained?
    • Site selection—Where is your business going to be located, and why?
    • Facility layout—What is your physical facility going to look like?
    • Resource planning—What resources do you need, when do you need them, and how will you get them? Describe the supply chain system you plan to use.

Communications—What tools do you need to get started (computer(s) and Internet service, various types of phones, fax, and order system, et


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