Human-Centered Design

The theme of the article is that after our group discussion, we have adopted a problem that a team member found in life and can create something to solve the problem. The theme of our group is what I gave in the materials. We need to write articles around this project, such as the introduction of the project, the core ideas, and then the vocabulary I gave to the picture. The vocabulary of the two figures is separate.

What we need is a whole big article written around the words on the first picture, plus the words on the second picture to rewrite a small article. A large article requires six pages and a small article. The themes are the same, but the vocabulary of the analysis is different.

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Human-Centered Design
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sophomore year student

Interior Design

LA 254 01 : Human-Centered Design

48 hours

7 pages

Assignment Sheet :

1.Item: Napping in an airport

Problem: Long layovers can be a real bummer if you’re sleepy, and I have experienced it firsthand as I napped paranoid hoping nobody stole my bag while I was in a vulnerable fetal position. Also, waking up to an alarm you set on your phone can throw off your mood as you wake up confused in the airport.

Solution: An area that allows you to nap comfortably and store your bags in a locker as well as sets a reminder to your bed that will gently wake you up for when it’s time to go.

Therefore, we need to design a rest area that meets the above conditions and can be used.

2. First, we have to use these words to Analyze this project. And then, we have to write 7 pages essay.

3. After that, we will use three aspects to write a small essay.

I need the original pages.


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