HRM4481 – Strategic Staffing – Case Study – Personally Yours – Employee Referrals

This case addresses the fine line an employer must tread between protecting an employee’s (or former employee’s) privacy versus the obligation that an employer has to warn potential new employers that a particular individual poses a potential threat based on past behavior (e.g., violence, threats, mental instability).
Three Roles: human resource supervisor (Gary Garcia), branch manager n (Anthony Garrison), branch supervisor (Maya Atkins).
Neil Andrews is a hardworking employee but has a reputation for being a hothead. After branch manager Anthony Garrison changed Andrews’ work schedule so that he would now have to work every other Saturday, Andrews gets extremely upset. He walks into Garrison’s office, puts his face inches away from Garrison’s face and says, “One of these days, I’m going to lose it in here. After I am done, there will be nothing but smoke and embers!” He storms out of the office and goes across the street to a convenience store. About 15 minutes later, Andrews returns, calmer after having eaten two packages of Toasted Sweeties and washing it down with a soda. He picks up his toolbox and goes to his next assignment for the day. Garrison has never liked Andrews and sees this episode as an opportunity to get rid of him.
Activity: This is a two-part scenario.
Part 1 – You are to decide if Andrews should be discharged. Once you make your decision, state what your decision is and justify your decision
Part 2 – Assume for the sake of this portion of the activity that Andrews is discharged. What type of information (if any) should Personally Yours give when a potential employer calls for a reference?

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HRM4481 – Strategic Staffing – Case Study – Personally Yours – Employee Referrals
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