How western approaches compare with eastern medicine | Homework Help

Topic- Pregnancy and Hypnosis


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How western approaches compare with eastern medicine | Homework Help
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The problem/issue, disease or illness you are examining/exploring. Why it  is a concern to the individual and/or society and why it merits examination.

Literature Review:

Review what others have found and reported on already (researchers, authors, practitioners). Minimum of three peer reviewed journal articles from academic databases and/or other credible resources.


What you have found related to topic from all sources. Will include personal experience, opinion and other findings from literature and research and possibly interviews or surveys.

Discussion :

What may be beneficial or necessary for individuals or society to do if they have concerns in this particular or related areas of health.

This may include how Western approaches compare with Eastern medicine views and how they vary or parallel in terms of diagnosis and treatment.

Summary and Conclusion:

To bring more focus on what you believe to be a beneficial approach to dealing with problem. May be a combination of Eastern and Western ways. Don’t be afraid to speculate and make recommendations, especially with regards to lifestyle changes.


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