How to Stop Violence


you have read and discussed Laura Hayes’ article, “How to Stop Violence.”  Is anger management the biggest issue when it comes to violent crimes and mass shootings? Write a 5-paragraph essay agreeing with and building on the points in this article with your own reasoning, disagreeing with the points in this article, or both agreeing and disagreeing with the points raised in the article. If you choose to disagree with all or some of the points made, you may consider proposing a different primary cause of violent crimes and mass shootings. This essay should… Begin with a heading and a title centered on the page. Include a well-developed introduction and a thesis statement. Include three body paragraphs, and each body paragraph should develop a distinct supporting argument (avoid repeating arguments in slightly different words). Include a well-developed concluding paragraph. Include properly cited quotes and paraphrasing from the article. There is no need to create a Works Cited page. LINK:

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How to Stop Violence
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