How to Read Like a Writer

Paper instructions

For this assignment, you will take your knowledge of rhetorical choices even further. First, read “How to Read Like a Writer” (Links to an external site.) by Mike Bunn. You only need to read through page 80 for this assignment. After reading closely through page 80, respond to the following:

What does it mean to “read like a writer” according to this article? Later in his article, Bunn claims he could rename “reading like a writer” to “reading like an architect or carpenter.” Why does Bunn argue these analogies also work well for the type of reading he is describing?

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How to Read Like a Writer
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How is “reading like a writer” similar to and/or different from the way(s) you read for other classes and contexts? Include specific examples here.

What two questions does Bunn believe you should ask before you read? Why do you think these questions focus on audience and purpose?

Why does Bunn argue that it’s important to understand the genre in which a text is written?

Bunn provides a series of questions to ask you “read a text like a writer.” How might the questions he provides help you listen rhetorically to the blogs for your listening rhetorically assignment?

What is one thing you notice in this essay that you might like to try as you continue writing your Rhetorical Blogs? What is that technique or strategy? How might you use this technique or strategy in one of your upcoming Rhetorical Blogs?

Your total response should be at least 300 words.


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