How the lack of oxygen can lead to death | Homework Help

1. Drowning, suffocation and carbon monoxide poisoning can lead to death because they all prevent oxygen from reaching our cells. Explain how this lack of oxygen can lead to death; be specific and please explain in dummy terms.

2. ATP is often called the “energy currency” in the cell. Explain what this means. How might this “energy currency” be saved; meaning, what organic molecule can be produced and later used to provide ATP? What organic molecule might be considered the paycheck?

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How the lack of oxygen can lead to death | Homework Help
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3. With the massive amount of plant life, ample rainfall and favorable temperatures, you might think that tropical rainforests would be large net producers of oxygen, and yet surprisingly, they are not! With your knowledge of photosynthesis and cellular respiration, can you explain why this might be true? Think about what happens when a leaf drops or fruit from a tree is eaten.



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