How slavery disrupted conventional gender roles

Paper instructions

Words count 250- 300
Make a discussion/review/ refection based on your opinion also include idea form chapters 3 -5 of the textbook, “Freedom on my Mind”, the film, and the extra readings

Please take a moment here to comment on this theme… For example, how slavery disrupted conventional gender roles, how it devastated black families, and how it forced black women to become self-reliant and to create ways for women to rely upon one another for support in extreme circumstances… These are just possible threads you could follow. Looking forward to seeing what other creative ideas and observations you come up with based on reading the sources.

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How slavery disrupted conventional gender roles
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VIDEO (Into the Fire,1861-1896 Part of the Series: The African Americans)

Link of extra reaing
On “Slavery Was Far Worse for Women”

ISBN-13: 978-0312648848 if you can’t find one just contact me

Freedom on my Mind v.1 (Eds. Deborah Gray White, Mia Bay, Waldo Martin, Jr.)

Example of discussion

“Before the American Civil War, black women were humble and miserable. They were not only oppressed by slavery but also rejected by patriarchal men because of their gender weakness. Black women can’t breathe, they can’t survive. Under slavery, if a woman has children without marriage, it is a crime. The father of the child is free and unaffected. Slave families are always threatened by sale. Around 1961, the escaped slaves came to Monroe castle. The slaves were captured by major general Benjamin Barrett of the te Union and arranged in the temporary camp. In the temporary camp, diseases were common. There is neither slavery nor freedom. These slaves are considered refugees and burdens by some soldiers in the north. After that, black women were educated at Hampton University. To promote the emancipation of black women’s thoughts through higher education. Many women began to study law. Many women see access to universities as an opportunity to learn skills. In the movie fire, there is a story about mother and daughter. They live in a tent with a dress in the middle. During the day, the daughter dressed to go to school. After coming back in the evening, the mother dressed up to do some work, and then went to night school.In 1853, Jacobs revealed that slavery was real and fair life. This is Jacobs’ contribution to the cause of anti-slavery in Britain and the United States. Jacobs’ letter revealed that under slavery, women who had been sexually abused and enslaved under self-protection. According to the survey of Dr. Constance Carroll, he was the dean of Indian Valley College in Novato, California. In 1968, the survey of Ph.D. and professional degree awarded by the black college showed that at that time, the black college still awarded most of the degrees obtained by black professionals, 91% of which were awarded to black people, and 9% to black women studying in Carroll’s own university. In 1982, white men accounted for 50%, black men 31%, white women 19% and black women 3% of the professors in Pittsburgh University. In other words, at that time, the college was still a lonely place for black women.”


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