How numerous bacteria were on the soap | Homework Help

Q1. Some dogs have erect ears; others have drooping ears. Some dogs bark while following a scent; others are silent. Erect ears and barking are because of dominant alleles located on different chromosomes. A dog homozygous for both dominant traits is mated to a droopy-eared silent follower. The expected phenotypic ratio and genotypic ratio in the F-1 generation.

Q2. Imagine that after washing your hands, you leave ten bacteria cells on a new bar of soap. You then decide to do plate count of the soap after it was left in the soap dish for 24 hours. You dilute 1g of the soap 1:106 and plate it on standard plate count agar. After 24 hours of incubation, there are 168 colonies. How numerous bacteria were on the soap? How did they get there?

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How numerous bacteria were on the soap | Homework Help
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