How is the sucrose-rich phloem saptransported | Homework Help

1. An acorn is planted in a pot containing 5 kg of dry soil andthen placed outdoors. After ten years, the small tree now growingin the pot is removed, including all of its roots. The tree had amass of 30 kg (dry weight). What is the estimated dry weight of thesoil in the pot?

a) 1 kg
b) 3 kg
c) 4.95 kg
d) 5.0 kg
e) 5.5 kg

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How is the sucrose-rich phloem saptransported | Homework Help
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2. Water can enter roots through two pathways, apoplastic andsymplastic routes (see Figure 36.12). How do these pathwaysdiffer?

a) The apoplastic route is for water and thesymplastic route is for nutrients.
b) The apoplastic route is for nutrients andthe symplastic route is for water.
c) The apoplastic route does not involvetransport across a cell membrane but the symplastic routedoes.
d) The apoplastic route is used in xylem andthe symplastic route in phloem.

3. In vascular plants, how is the sucrose-rich phloem saptransported?

a) from the roots to the leaves
b) from the leaves to the roots
c) from sucrose source to sucrosesink
d) only diffuses locally

4. Sugar maples are tapped for their sugar-rich sap in the earlyspring. This sap is transported in ______ and is moving fromthe

a) xylem, leaves
b) xylem, roots
c) phloem, leaves
d) phloem, roots

5. All of the following contribute directly to thecomposition of soil except which one?

a) weathering of source rock
b) remains of dead organisms
c) water and air
d) energy from the sun
e) materials secreted by livingorganisms


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