How do you think a toxin might get into your body | Homework Help

Science History and Methods Review Questions

1. How does Dr. Harvey’s demonstration of blood flow illustrate the change in Europeans’ understanding of and relationship to science?

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How do you think a toxin might get into your body | Homework Help
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2. Develop a testable hypothesis to explain the observation that some people sweat more than others (with similar amounts of exercise). Form a prediction and design an experiment, with controls, to test your hypothesis. Remember to keep your hypothesis simple and to test only one variable. Be sure you clearly state your hypothesis and prediction, and describe your experiment including dependent, independent, and standardized variables.

3. Explain the difference between an experiment and a correlation, and why an experiment is better evidence in support of a claim. What type of conclusions can one correctly make from a correlation, and what type can one not?

4. Explain what a double-blind test is and why they are the best way to show whether or not a new medication is effective against a human disease.

5a. Look up the definition of a toxin (you can copy directly from the source for this question).

b. How do you think a toxin might get into your body?

c. How does your body get rid of toxins (look it up and paraphrase the answer.)

d. Can you think of any way that consuming something, fasting, or applying something to your body (oil, for example) could remove toxins?


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