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1)-Watch 13TH on Netflix Watch the documentary 13TH on Netfilx. In 200 words, what were the most important take aways you got from this film? 2)- The Body Rituals of the Nacirema https://www.sfu.ca/~palys/Miner-1956-BodyRitualAmongTheNacirema.pdf Read the article and answer the following questions in paragraph format: A) Some would say that Miner’s analysis exoticizes the Nacirema and makes them seem mysterious and irrational. What in his writing dose this? Does presenting customs as “religion” rather that as “science” or “medicine” inevitably make them seem irrational to people in our own culture? Are our own customs with respect to care of the body irrational? In what ways is scientific medicine different from other (“religious”) belief systems? How much of what human beings do in everyday life is “rational” or “irrational”? B) Contemporary anthropologists are concerned about “the problem of representation.” They are concerned about who gets to “represent” a group of people, by writing about them, documenting, filming, and interpreting their behavior. What are the ethical/moral implications of speaking “for” or representing a group of people from a different culture that is not your own? For example, can an outsider represent your culture and should they have the right to speak about it “scientifically” or “anthropologically”? How might their story be distort C) When did you get the joke? Who are the “Nacirema” and what point is the author making? 3)-Nickel Boys chpts 10, 11, 12 Write a 300 word analysis of these chapters 4)- Analysis of the end of the novel Submit a 350 word analysis of the last chapters of the novel, including the epilogue. What impacted you the most, what quotes were significant and why. Try not to summarize but to anaylze. 5)- Proposal Instructions Proposal Instructions Your are to discuss the issue you want to analyze in the novel The Nickel Boys. This is not open topic. It must be about the novel. In at least 300 words the student must explain their proposed issue that they want to analyze in the novel and argue why it is important to explore that issue. The student must identify the scenes, character(s) or section of the novel they will be using to explore their issue. The student will include at least one well thought out, open-ended analysis question(s). A good question is one that elicits a debate or argument. For example, a bad question would be, does the novel explore systemic racism? This is a bad question because the answer is obviously yes. A good question is more open-ended. For example, what social commentary is Whitehead making by having the main character Elwood die at the end? Does the ending teach us a moral lesson that makes the reader yearn for social justice in America or does the ending anger readers, eliciting a hatred towards white Americans? After you ask a good question explain your answer in the form of  hypothesis or tentative thesis/argument. Submit your proposal to the turnitin link below You proposal must be in MLA style.

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Home work assigment
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