HIV/AIDS Prevention Paper

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HIV/AIDS Prevention Paper:
This assignment requires you to evaluate a major HIV/AIDS prevention strategy aimed at controlling HIV/AIDS in a specified population. . It should be a comprehensive HIV/AIDS prevention approach for which there are data. You will examine prevention from beginning to end stages (transmission target population risk behaviors prevention strategy). Your evaluation should be evidence based. So choose a prevention strategy that you can support with data.
For this paper you will first want to identify a mode of HIV transmission and discuss its prevalence (the total number of HIV/AIDS cases related to this particular type of transmission). Then identify a target population at risk from this mode of transmission and describe its risk behaviors. Explain why this particular target population’s risk behavior presents challenges for HIV/AIDS prevention. Next describe the prevention strategy and its rationale. Then using existing data, critically evaluate the prevention strategy’s effectiveness in curbing the spread of HIV/AIDS.
Pay particular attention to issues of race, class, gender, and social inequality and address them in your discussion. Keep in mind that HIV/AIDS prevention is a global effort. So you are encouraged to evaluate prevention strategies in developing countries. Wherever possible, you will want to draw on course readings, lectures, and discussions. Format should be 3-4 double-spaced pages . It is okay to go over the page limit but not under. Include a works cited page that lists at least 3 sources excluding class lectures.

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HIV/AIDS Prevention Paper
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