History Rhymes

Final Essay Econ-125

Guidelines for Essay:

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History Rhymes
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  • 1-inch margins all around (we will measure, YOU must make sure that your uploading is printing correctly, this is not my or the grader’s responsibility, it is yours.)
  • Please use Chicago Author-Date Style for your references.
  • Use a clear, readable, font such as Verdana, Calibri, Tahoma or Arial, etc. Please be consistent and use the same font throughout.
  • Use black text on a white background. Avoid colored backgrounds or text in a color other than black unless you have special permission to use them (for example, if you’re dyslexic).
  • Use 12-point font for the body of your assignment.
  • Use double spacing, only one-line space between paragraphs
  • Left-justify your work (also known as left-aligned).
  • Use bold for headings. Not underlining or italics.
  • You must have a(n) Title, Introduction, Thesis Statement, Transitions, Topic Sentences, Body Paragraphs, Conclusion, and References Page(s).
  • As well as a reference page, parenthetical references are required within the text of the paper. The reference page(s) DO NOT count towards your FULL lines of text. 
  • Graphs and Tables are required. These (Graphs and Tables) should each have their own page with a title (on the top of the page) and a description of no less than two complete sentences (below the table or graph).  These pages DO NOT count towards your FULL lines of text, and should be located after the conclusion and before the references.
  • All papers should include a header on the front page. This header DOES NOT count toward your FULL lines of text.  It should include:
    • Your name
    • Student ID#
    • The Course Number
  • Minimum 5 pages, Maximum 7 pages

History Rhymes:

We have been looking at the US historical experience through the economic lens.  This essay will be an in depth look at an economic issue from 2007-2020 and an in depth look at an economic issue from 1680-2000.  The essay should show us how history doesn’t repeat itself exactly (that would require a time machine) but it often revisits the same economic issues in a slightly different context.

The essay should take a contemporary event from the recent past and compare and contrast that event to one in the past.  The analysis should include economic theory (a set of equations based on the assumptions of a model), graphs showing the changes in the relative metrics for the event(s) chosen, and, of course, the elucidation of the story you are presenting.


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