History Essay


Choose and write five essays from the following questions. Each essay must fulfill the following requirements: • Must be at least 200 words in length. That means completing five will be a total word count of 1000 words. • Must fully answer and address all portions of the question. • Must include information and specific examples from at least two of our three class sources (Textbook, PowerPoint, Videos). • Must incorporate quotes and examples from at least one of our primary sources. (These can all be found on my e-textbook in my CHEGG account) Essay questions – choose and answer five of the following ten questions:  1. Describe the Columbian Exchange and explain why it is historically significant. What aspects of the exchange ended up having a mostly positive outcome or impact? Which aspects ended up having a mostly negative outcome or impact?  2. What was the Atlantic World and how did it form? What various roles did the peoples and cultures of the Atlantic play in connecting this world?  3. Describe the economic, political and cultural advancements made by the Islamic empires we have studied. Make sure to include specific examples.  4. What was the Enlightenment? What new and revolutionary ideas developed during the Enlightenment? Which Enlightenment ideas do you think are still the most relevant today?  5. Describe how and where industrialization began. What was new and revolutionary about the Industrial Revolution? What do you see as some of the pros and cons of Industrialization?  6. What is nationalism? How and why did nationalism begin? What factors led to nationalism becoming the primary political organization of the world? What are some of the pros and cons of nationalism?  7. Describe some of the reform movements of the mid-1800s (Ottoman Empire, China, Japan, Russia etc.). In what ways were these reform movement influenced by the forces of Industrialization, Nationalism, Conservativism and Liberalism which we have discussed this semester?  8. Describe neo-imperialism. What led to the renewed drive for colonies in the late 1800s? What impacts did imperialism have for both the native countries and the imperialist countries?  9. What factors led to the First World War (Please include both immediate and longterm factors)? What led to this war becoming such a long and brutal conflict? Finally, in what ways did WWI set the stage for future turmoil and conflict?  10. In your view what were the most important causes of World War II? How close do you think the Axis came to winning this conflict? In the end why were the Allied powers able to prove victorious?  11. What factors led to China being the wealthiest and most powerful empire at the beginning of our class (around the year 1500)? Why did China lose this status to European powers during the 1800s? How has China rebounded to become a global superpower once again?  12. Describe how the Cold War, decolonization, technology, and globalization have changed our world since WWII. Why do you believe these changes were able to occur so rapidly?

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