HIST-111-59923Discussions Discussion Chapter # 8

Chapter 8
Original posts should be at least 200 words in length. Replies should be at least 150 words in length.
The Constitution went into effect in 1788 and the new government’s elected officials took their offices in 1789. For more than 220 years the system created over a sixteen week time span has been in effect despite economic depressions, a Civil War, two world wars, a Cold War, a war on terror, and institutional discrimination that contradicted its fundamental principles. With such longevity, some people assume the Constitution was guaranteed to succeed. That is not what the first generation to live under the Constitution’s auspices thought. In fact, they referred to it as “the Republican Experiment” and wondered if it would prove viable. It is no wonder the founding generation did considering the challenges facing the nascent republic at that time.
It is those challenges that are this discussion board’s focus. From its launch in 1789 until John Adams’s one and only term came to an end in 1801,
Defend or negate the following statement:
Of foreign policy issues, political parties’ emergence, and economic conditions, it is foreign policy issues that proved the most daunting challenge the republican experiment faced from 1789 until 1801.

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HIST-111-59923Discussions Discussion Chapter # 8
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