Heuristic Analysis | Excelling Homework

For this assignment, I’d like you to write a heuristic evaluation report for a site that you frequent. It does not have to be an educational website, but it should be something a little more complex and one that you could easily report on several different heuristics.. (https://www.kroger.com/, https://www.amazon.com/, https://www.airbnb.com/) You can one of the following websites or any other website you like.
I’d like you to go through a site of your choice and come up with 15-20 different findings and write them in the reporting style similar to my example. Include with each:
The heuristic(s)
Feedback/ Issues
Screen/ Scope
Solutions and Trade-offs
Screencap (if applicable)
Also include an executive summary and formatting similar to the Schlage Sense document.

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Heuristic Analysis | Excelling Homework
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