Healthcare quality & infi management | Homework Help

No quotes or citations. You must develop in your own words

Please use this discussion to summarize your healthcare experiences or other work experience and describe anything special you may want to get out of this course.

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Healthcare quality & infi management | Homework Help
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1.  Describe a healthcare encounter (experience) that you either had yourself or observed. First state whether you initially felt that it reflected good quality or bad and why. Then, assess the quality using the definition of quality adopted for this course. Describe aspects of structure, process and the outcome of the encounter as well as evaluate each of the dimensions of quality. Based on your description, provide a final opinion on the qualithe encounter based on your evaluation of the dimensions ” how good or how bad was it?

Did your rating change from your initial gut response to how you viewed the encounter after looking at the dimensions of quality? To respond to posts: After reading your classmates posts, evaluate whether you agree or disagree with the quality ratings and why

NOTE: This discussion counts as your assignment for this unit.  Your grade is based on the thoroughness of your analysis and accuracy in interpretation of the dimensions in order to reach a conclusion on the quality of the encounter.  You will be required to create a thread to post your initial response in order to view and respond to other students.

2.  Reflect on the healthcare encounter you posted in the previous discussion and identify potential waste that may have existed in the encounter. Respond to each other”s postings by challenging each other to find additional waste that if removed would improve the efficiency and quality of care. You should relate to the types of waste as mentioned in your PP but not limit yourself to only those examples.


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