Health , Safety and Risk management in music event | Homework Help

This essay is a part of event planning project essay that my part is Health and Safety Risk management. This event is about jazz and electro swing djs concert and that is set in pub and restaurant and the event start at 6 until midnight. SO, could you please write essay to support about this topic in Health , Safety and Risk management area in event. For example, How risk management important for event, planning to prepare to prevent risk before and during running the event, the specific risk management for concert or music festival, and also caution by using event textbooks to support the information. List of text book It will be good if you can use some of these references -Fitzsimmons, J. and Fitzsimmons, M. (2010). Service Management: Operations, Strategy, and Information Technology, (4th edition). -Meredith, J. R., and Mantel, Jr., S. J. (2009) Project Management: A Managerial Approach. “ Shone, A. and Parry, B. (2010). Successful event management: a practical handbook. “ O’Toole, W. (2011). Events Feasibility and Development From Strategy to Operations. Oxford. Butterworth-Heinemann. “ Berridge, G. (2009). Event Design and Experience. Oxford: Butterworth- Heinemann. “ Bladen, C. and Kennell, J. and Abson, E. and Wilde, N. (2012).Events Management an Introduction. Oxon. Routledge. “ Bowdin, G.A. (2011). Events Management. Oxford: Butterworth- Heinemann. -Tum, J. and Norton, P. (2005). Management of Event Operations. “ Monograph Association of Event Organisers. (2002). Guide to managing health & safety at exhibitions and events (The Red Book). (2nd Ed). Association of Event Organisers. “ Allen, J., O’Toole, W., Harris,R. and McDonnell, I. (2010). Festival and Special Event Management. Wiley.

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Health , Safety and Risk management in music event | Homework Help
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