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health psychology health program researched | Homework Help
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Community-Based Health Programs

This assignment gives us an opportunity to explore area resources around various health issues, as well as assess their approach and constituency.

For this assignment, you’ll identify one community based program (off-campus) that focuses on addressing health issues. The program may focus on behavior change, changing local environments for health, or developing new health policies.  The program can be through a local (city – perhaps Superior or Duluth – or county – Douglas or St. Louis) health department or a local non-profit organization. You may choose one that you already know or search the web ( is a great resource; see below for tips on using this site).  However, not all agencies have a significant web presence so I’d also recommend talking with people in the community about resources they use or are aware of.  Ideally, I’d rather you work with an agency that has a presence in your local community but I’m open to a state-wide agency, if you can make a good case for how it connects with your community.

If you are uncertain whether the agency you want to use for this paper ‘fits’ as a community based health program, feel free to ask me.

In your paper, you need to:
•    Describe the purpose of the program (particularly which health issue they target or work with) and its target population
•    Describe major activities or components of the program – what do they focus on around this issue (is it policy, behavior change, community change?)
•    Additionally, reflect on your reactions to the program, which may be about the significance, approaches, or content of the program
o    If the program provides any data around the effectiveness of their program, discuss this.  How effective are they?  Why are they effective?  Are there opportunities for growth and development?

I am looking for thoughtfulness, critical thinking, and a clear presentation of your thoughts in writing.

While the website may be a great starting point for learning about the community health agency you are using for this assignment, you may have to visit or call the program to get some of these details. This will require giving yourself the time to visit the site and talk to someone there (and many agencies have restricted hours).  Start researching your agency NOW so that you can give yourself the time to make any phone calls or site visits that you need to do.  If you speak to an employee, volunteer, or client of the agency please remember that you are doing so as a student representative of the University of Wisconsin – Superior; be polite, professional, respectful of their time and effort, and thank them, sincerely, for the time they have afforded you.

The summary should be 2 to 3 pages double spaced. The summary report is due by 11:59pm on Sunday, May 11th and is worth 50 points (1/2 point per day deduction for late papers).

If you are using to find a community agency:
•    Select ‘Organizations’ from the tabs at the top of the screen
•    For searching, use the city name that you would like to search (if you enter zip code, it will be too narrow of a search – a city may have multiple zip codes in it)
•    Please note: this site lists ALL types of organizations – you’ll then need to review them to see if they have a focus on health issues


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