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Manchester Medical Center, a 300 bed acute care medical center has received the results from the annual Press Ganey Patient Satisfaction Survey. Manchester Medical Center ranked in the 75th percentile for the category “meeting emotional and spiritual needs.” The CEO of your organization has been researching spirituality and spiritual care and the positive impact these factors can have on patient satisfaction and quality of care. The CEO has asked you to implement a strategy/plan to better address patients’ emotional and spiritual needs. How will you go about developing this strategy/plan? Will you do it alone or form a committee? You must be very specific about the steps and strategies to be taken to increase the medical centers rank for the next year. You may want to visit the Press Ganey and Joint Commission Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations to gain knowledge about the role of healthcare organizations meeting emotional and spiritual needs of patients. Your strategy will be graded on the following: 1. What does literature (journal articles, websites) say about spirituality and spiritual care, the history and use of it, does it work or not and what are other institutions implementing to address emotional and spiritual needs of patients? 2. Specific goals and objectives for your strategy/plan. 3. The design of your plan with particular emphasis given to specific steps and strategies. 4. What results do you expect to see among staff and patients after the implementation of your plan? Your paper should be 8-10 pages in APA format with no less than 10 references. You need to use peer-reviewed articles.

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Health Management assignment | Homework Help
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