Health issue and its policy in Saudi Arabia | Homework Help

a health issue and its policy in Saudi Arabia

Term paper:

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Health issue and its policy in Saudi Arabia | Homework Help
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• To begin with you will choose a topic related to Saudi healthcare/Saudi health system and write an outline/draft of 3-4 pages and submit for approval.

• For this you need to review literature pertaining to the topic and collect all the relevant data for your study

• Then align this information in the given format

• The final term paper should have

: – Minimum 10 pages and maximum 20 pages – Minimum 5 references – Double spaced, 12 font size.

The following is an outline of the term paper:

Cover Page-with title of the study, Student Name Abbreviations Index

1. Introduction (Background, Definitions, current scenario, may include history)

2. Objectives (What do you want to understand from the study-objectives may be one or more) a. b.

3. Body/ Literature review

4. Discussion (compare between studies, the pros and cons of the subject, the future etc) 5. Conclusion References



Note: Number of pages will be counted from introduction to conclusion (10-20) Plagiarism will not be tolerated. All the content should be given suitable references


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