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Health and Lifestyle Assessment

Consider yourself as a 50 year old female

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Health and Lifestyle Assessment | Homework Help
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There is a family history of heart disease although you are healthy

You eat extremely healthy but have noticed that you lack sufficient carbs, you eat in excess of daily recommended quantities of protein and this could be a health issue and at time consume two glasses of wine eat day.

Your weight is 128 lbs. at 5’ 7” tall. So your weight is perfect. You exercise days a week and also see a personal trainer for strength and weight lifting.

You are often hypotensive (low blood pressure)

You balance a lot of stress in your daily life and function on a very tight schedule with gym, trainer, work, and household responsibilities

In this assignment you will compile and combine what you have learned from previous assignments to develop insights and a personal plan related to a healthy lifestyle.

You have tracked some of your behaviors: exercise, food log, researched your family history and learned about six areas of health and wellness. You have been given a lifestyle inventory to evaluate these six areas of wellness.

For each assignment: genogram, fitness log, food log and lifestyle inventory – write a reaction to how this assignment has effected your decisions, choices and intelligence of the subject matter (at least 1/2 page for each one) .

Now, decide on an area of health/wellness that you want to focus on changing and improving. If you are wanting to improve an area form your fitness test, that would fall under physical wellness. If there is something in your family history, related to disease, this would most likely fall under physical as well, but could affect other areas of wellness.

· Write a 1/2 page reactions to each assignment listed above.

· Choose an area of Health & Wellness to improve on. This may be a combination of several assignments.

· You will need to choose at least two target behaviors within the area to focus on.

· Determine patterns or enabling factors that might be causing poor choices now.

· Make goals for each of your target behaviors.

· Make a plan of attack – how are you going to reach these goals?

· When you reach your goals – how will you reward yourself?

· How are you going to monitor these changes?

· What measures will you take to avoid falling back into old habits?

· Why do you feel this area of wellness and these target behaviors are so important to work on changing?

· Are their family members or future family members that will benefit your changes? If so…HOW?

· How can you help others make changes similar to the ones you are choosing to work on?

· What will be the next area of wellness or target behavior that you will focus on after making these changes?

This project needs to be in paragraph form with all information covered in detail. Think of this as a research paper.


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