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Option B:

All her life, Tasha was a healthy weight for her height. Even after her first pregnancy, she returned to a healthy weight. One year later, she had her second child. Caring for a newborn and a one-year-old took all of her time, energy, and focus. So much so, that she no longer has time to focus on her own health and fitness. She has been slowly gaining weight and now after another year, she is twice the weight she was before having her first child.

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health and fitness | Homework Help
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Tasha’s weight is negatively impacting her mood, the way she feels about herself, her marriage, and her health. She decides she is going to make some changes in her life and lose the weight. After three years of regular exercise, diet, and support groups, Tasha has returned to a healthy weight.


Address each of the following criteria as you respond:


What were the motivational and environmental factors that contributed to the weight gain?

Briefly describe which approaches to motivation you feel best help us to understand the change in Tasha’s behavior.

In what ways was emotion tied to the weight gain and loss?

How might understanding these motivational and emotional factors help you to understand your own health and fitness?

Will you change anything in your own life as a result of what you have studied in this scenario?


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