Happiness in UAE for Elderly Assignment | Online Assignment

dear as you can see I’ve attached the presentation that I will be talking about slide 3 I need to explain point by point to make it easy for the audience to understand and the final report that we got this from

Review of literature

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Happiness in UAE for Elderly Assignment | Online Assignment
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It is one challenging time to live in the era of a globalized pandemic. We should help others in need while also helping ourselves. We must help the elderly who are most vulnerable to the virus because it is lethal to them. Therefore we targeted the elderly, particularly ages 60 and above. “In the US, 31-59% of adults ages 75 to 84 diagnosed with the virus had symptoms severe enough to be hospitalized, compared to 14-21% of confirmed patients ages 20 to 44” (Ossola 2020). I believe that significant causes of the virus mortality in older generations are because they have weaker immune systems, and their functioning lifestyle does not inhibit enough healthy activities as younger people do. Elderly should be avoidant from labor workers and children. This is because “25 percent of people infected with the new coronavirus doesn’t present any symptoms or fall ill but can still transmit the illness to others”. (Woodward 2020). Woodward agrees that carriers could be children, and as we know, children are ignorant of the facets of the virus. They could transmit the disease due to having the asymptomatic infection.

However labor workers in the UAE most of them share the same room with 10-20 other labor workers who socialize with each other also. So social distancing from these types of people has to be prominent. Secondly, we advise social distancing but not isolation (Alicia Arbaje 2020). A key solution for having ideal prevention of COVID which is a primary aim not to be infected while still being happy. (Alicia Arbaje 2020) also agreed that social means could be through a stream; this is by showing them how to stream, message, and share communication. We also agree on (Alicia Arbaje 2020) that people should avoid and keep hygiene to the obtainable most point. We also recommend exercise if they have a treadmill or lawn to walk outside. Exercise will increase immune function agrees on a Harvard publishing(Harvard Health Publishing 2014).




















We will use many inferences, such as the PERMA-V model and the positive phycology initiatives to help these people. These are characterized according to the higher needs of people as most elderly have physiological needs and safety needs, with that being said, we conducted our own survey related to the topic, we got information from people about what they think about the elderly psychological and mental health durring this era, and here are numbers and results for two questions:


As the question results are showing in the picture that 4 and 12 answered under the half point,which is 16 in total that their elders psychology isn’t fine and positive which is exactly why we should be doing our part as the previus lines says.








The second question to show from the survey asks then shows results about their mental health:

This question confirms that elders are in a bad place mentally and psychologically since it has the same total number that is under the half point which is 16 people from the total number, and it’s 28% and that’s considers a large number if it’s out of a real estimation from the UAE’s elderly population.

And here are the rest of the questions to answer and see their results from our survey in these links below:

Link to take the survey:


Total Results in the link below:

Click for Total results

We shall provide them with love/belonging and further up the requirements for the elderly like esteem. Furthermore, our initiatives will make them score higher in the PERMA-V assessments and overall higher life satisfaction. Our initiative is mainly based on the general increase in the PERMA-V. Therefore we would do predicate in many aspects such as mostly connecting family and friends through not physical but through letters or accommodations. Although there is a cultural and exposure barrier, this is because the cultural wall is that people in the UAE elderly “families entrust hospitals with palliative and hospice care for their elderly relatives.” (“Aging in the UAE and Services Available for the Elderly: Structured Interviews with Experts in the Field,” 2013). Thus we should help facilitate the means for them to enhance their lives so that they have what they need to move up Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Such as connecting distance relatives through streams. We plan to make a progression in their physical and mental wellbeing in times of crisis. For example, making them walk more often by making them plan, which is implementation intention. There are many benefits to implementation intention, such as completing more goals (Pychyl, 2010). We should utilize this information for a better outcome in our initiative.

















We base our effort to make the elderly in UAE happy to the comforting words of our leader, H.H Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed; he always assures all citizens, especially the elderly, not to worry.

The research explores an initiative that focuses on making the elderly happy during corona times and reducing their worry.


Our initiative is based on making the elderly happy by digitally connecting them to their loved ones to reduce their loneliness and consequent depression during the corona pandemic.


Our Goal

The goal of our initiative is to spread our leader’s (H.H Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed) comforting words “don’t worry” to all citizens, especially the elderly.



The initiative aims at the following objectives; comforting our senior citizens and helping them avoid depression. The senior citizens will get an opportunity to communicate with their loved ones and reconnect about their past experiences and rejoice. The virtual connection will enhance the psychological and mental needs of the elderly during the corona pandemic, thus ensuring they feel appreciated and loved. We intend to muster all UAE citizens to take care of their elderly and show them love and appreciation during the COVID 19 global pandemic.





We base the initiative on this statement “Senior citizens are senior in experience, senior in the service of our nation and senior in our eyes and hearts. ”





The study established the use of scheduled video calls between the target group and their loved ones to provide a platform for the elderly to interact and connect with their relatives and friends. Both parties should access a reliable network connection to achieve the initiative and be enthusiastic about video calls. There is likely to be a challenge when dealing with participants who are reluctant to technological advancement in general and making video calls in particular.

The initiative will employ the PERMA-V model and positive psychology initiatives to maximize the elements of a good life among the target group (Lomas, 2019). The study developed an initiative according to the higher needs of people since most elderly have physiological needs and safety needs. The initiative shall provide them with love and belonging and further up the needs of the


Elderly like esteem. Furthermore, the initiative will make the Elderly score higher in the PERMA-V assessments in terms of relationships and overall higher life satisfaction (Lomas, 2015). We based this initiative on an overall rise in the PERMA-V



Implementation Intention

Through implementation intention, we will make the elderly set worthwhile and achievable goals. We will track their progress in their road to achieving the goal. Further help will be assessed with the objective of fulfilling their needs in Maslow’s hierarchy. This can be completed in their wellness assessment and others, which are through mental and physical goals. Such as setting a goal of walking for 7 minutes or doing Sudoku problems. These will uplift the person from a standpoint of having esteem and will reduce his sadness because he will be achieving in the PERMA-V model.

Further studies suggest that we should have to design a physical exercising routine as (Harvard Health Publishing 2014); presents clarity in which there has to achieve positive emotions which are cultivated through exercise (Hassmén, Koivula, & Uutela, 2000) Hassmén, Koivula, & Uutela also agree that it lowers depression anger and Perceived Stress. We will also track their progress health-wise and give them a sense that we care for them, so for example, if they would walk for 15 minutes a day, we would show appreciation, and if they won’t, then we will be encouraging them for their efforts. Thus we have accomplished a vital part of the PERMA-V.



Meaning: Meaning is one of the PERMA-V model concepts; it means using strengths to help others and helping others in general, also finding a purpose in life to live for and reach. We think that educating the elderly about the positive phycology concepts might have a hugely positive effect on their lives. In this specific time during the pandemic, because most of them are probably thinking that they are old, and they kind of lost their purpose and meaning of life, which is not right. We should also aim to educate vast aspects of the positive phycology of many types of people elderly have endured more than any other facets of people. The elderly have most of the regrets, which is why traditional therapy does not work; therefore, we would recommend some books like positive phycology. (Boniwell and Hefferon, 2011) and group reading sessions if they want to. The book also mentioned claims that a positive outlook makes you healthier and happier (Boniwell and Hefferon, 2011), which correlates with meaning.


Engagement: since the elderly group of people already feels excluded from the community. We give them healthy routines to help them have better immune systems and bodies, also letting them decide if they want a pet to keep company and engagement during the quarantine. That, for sure, will make them have a higher sense of belonging and commitment to their community and surroundings. Other things could be a sense of community to the past by watching documentaries of the older generations or watching old movies.





Planned Evaluation:

Evaluation Goal: This evaluation is to explain and view our initiative on various levels.

Evaluation Purpose:

To provide information to improve our initiative during the development and implementation stages.

Evaluation Team:

1) Mohammed Al Darmaki

2) Saeed Al Dhaheri

3) Amer Jamal

4) Mohammed Suhail


Focus of the Evaluation:

  1. Why is social distancing very necessary for elders?
  2. What makes one more vulnerable to Covid-19 and diseases in general?
  3. What is the best procedure to follow when someone becomes ill and show symptoms of Covid-19?

Stakeholder Assessment:

-We chose Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Foundation to be our Stakeholder.

-They will be investing in our initiative and will be providing us with employees, supplies and give lists of people who can benefit from our initiative as well as giving us their experience in the field.

Resource and Outcomes:

  • Resource/Input: Our stakeholders mentioned before will be providing us with: Workers (can be volunteers), Supplies (e.g., Smart tablets to ease the communication between elders and their families).
  • Outputs: In this facility, older citizens will be provided with various services depending on their needs, or we will be visiting elders who prefer staying within their own houses and provide them with our services.


  • To maintain older citizens’ health and happiness.







Justifying Conclusions: Analysis and Interpretation:


 This evaluation of our initiative will be aimed at families who have an elderly within their family or household so they can benefit from our services and programs. If needed/wanted to send their elders to our facility where they will be treated as if they are in their homes but with more professional care from our staff.



Short and long term expected outcomes:


  • For the Short Term, this initiative will be crucial to keep our elders in the best shape Mentally since not all of them are used to staying at home or lockdown for long periods of time, and Physically by taking care of their health in all aspects.
  • For the Long Term, our initiative will keep taking care of elders and will be having events and activities like lectures and applying classes of happiness emotions(online). Acts of kindness/ learn and get to know the technology for them to have everything more manageable. All that aimed to keep them involved in the community and increase their self-worth and happiness in general.



The primary limitations we are facing are:

  • Some elders are not acceptable to be taking care of by who they would consider a “Stranger.”
  • Some elders not accepting medicines because they are used to recovering naturally (using natural medicines like herbs…etc.).
  • Time to build our facility that will welcome elders to social distance and be taken care of while in it.
  • Obstacles related to reaching our influences are cultural bias: an embarrassment of gratitude letters will be an obstacle. Older people accepting help from strangers will most likely reject advice.




the initiative we made had a successful plan that had the core of giving the elderly positive and happy emotions during this challenging time facing a global pandemic. A proposal was made of a group of people and volunteers provided by the stakeholders. Social distancing, expected outcomes were happiness and positive emotions after executing all the plans with all concepts from the PERMA-V model. In a nutshell, this has been a great experience and had a lot of benefits to us as workers and a group of people we choose to help. We hope through this by giving value to the older community, we shed light on them and raise compassion and empathy towards them from all walks of life. In doing so, we shall have had a more residual effect on our target group, and we believe that if the work has affected the elderly long enough, then we would have done our part.










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