Half of the Country

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READ the following fake political speech and answer the questions that follow.

Half of the Country

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Half of the Country
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*This speech was made to a group of a blue-blood, wealthy corporate owners in the Hamptons.

My fellow countrymen who run the country,
… it has recently come to light that I made a comment a few months ago. The comment concerned me stating that half of the country needs to find a way to support themselves and the government cannot support them. Well, I stand by that comment. How can half of the country, who pay no federal income taxes, expect the other half to support them through their tax dollars? Further, who creates jobs for half of country that works hard and pays taxes? We do!

The non-paying half are Slackers. Yes, that is what I will call them in the confidence of this company I keep here! The Slackers are lazy! Nothing is ever enough for them. I guess they were somewhat happy about getting a free cell phone. The cell phone wasn’t enough. Before you know it, the Slackers will demand a new iPhone5. Forget having to work for it- they should just simply get it. Well, I say to them, “I wouldn’t give you a free iPhone 5 if they were growing on trees in one of my many vineyards!”

Our system currently allows for massive government support Slackers; however, would those paying taxes agree with this? Is it right for half of the country to support the Slackers? Is my logic flawed here or am I taking crazy pills?

A Slacker getting free support is like allowing your adult children to move back home and then not requiring them to get a job. There is no incentive for the adult child to do anything other than play World of Warcraft all day long because they are eating and have a roof over their head.

However, I do understand the need for continuing federal dollars, supporting state programs, which provide WIC and other assistance to single parents. Being a single parent is not easy, especially when the majority of single mothers are not receiving adequate child support from the father. Those that benefit from these programs are only using it as a temporary means to get back on their feet through employment or education…and the true benefit is going to the children. How can we punish children? We will only be as strong as our means to temporarily assist single parents in raising children that are the future of our country.

My opponent is stupid and his policies have only given handouts to Slackers.

In summary, I implore all of you to vote for me. I already have massive public support to cut entitlement programs, repeal the previous administration’s tax credits, lower the tax base for the upper class, and create a flat 30 percent tax for the middle class. You are joining an Army of budget reform!

1. IDENTITY at least four rhetorical devices employed in this speech. Be specific. Name the rhetorical device used and sentence where it is found.

2. IDENTIFY one logical fallacy found in the speech. PROVIDE the sentence and explain why it is a logical fallacy.

3. IDENTIFY one psychological fallacy found in the speech. PROVIDE the sentence and explain why it is a psychological fallacy.

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