groups influence on the behavior of individual

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Earlier in this course, we learned about groups. You discovered how groups could influence the behavior of individual or even other groups. As an example, consider how union and non-union members interact with each other during a labor dispute or a strike.
This week, we will consider stratification systems – specifically, gender, race, and ethnic groups. For this part of your project, you will write about the influence of groups. Please be sure to follow the guidelines for written assignments.
Assignment Worksheet:
Using the responses from your Week 3 interviews, write a 250-word narrative that address the following criteria:
1. Refer back to the responses from your interview, specifically questions #8 and #9: Name two different ways that you were brought up that you think are different from most other people.
o Were you part of a social, religious, or other type of group growing up? Who were your role models when you were growing up? How did they influence you?
2. Answer the following questions:
o How did your subjects feel about the groups they were members of when they were growing up?
o How do you think these groups and members of the group formed and shaped the subject’s values and norms?
o How do you think the subject’s gender, race, or ethnicity formed and shaped values and norms?

Let me know what else is needed before proceeding I don’t want any repeats

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groups influence on the behavior of individual
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