Graffiti in Rome and Today

Module 14 Discussion: Graffiti in Rome and Today

Graffiti is not a modern invention. Romans constantly wrote on buildings things which they were not supposed to. Graffiti can tell us what’s on the mind of the average person better than any other source can, this is what makes looking at the graffiti in Roman cities like Pompeii so interesting. By clicking on the following link, you can go to a site that will allow you to read some Roman Graffiti from Pompeii:

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Graffiti in Rome and Today
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Here is the Link:

Now its time for you to analyze this graffiti! For this discussion post I want you to:

  1. Make a list of all the kinds of topics that are discussed in the graffiti. Try to come up with a ways to categorize and organize all the different things you read. Note what surprised you.
  2. I am sure you have seen lots of graffiti in your life. Compare modern graffiti to ancient. What topics remain the same and what has changed?



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