Glucose and protein transport | Homework Help

Explain the mechanism included in MWCO membrane of dialysis with the reference to glucose and protein transport.

From the following list answer the questions:

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Glucose and protein transport | Homework Help
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Molecular weight of NaCl   –  58.44

Molecular weight of Na  –  22.990

Molecular weight of Cl  –   35.453

Molecular weight of Urea –  60.07

Molecular weight of Albumin – 66.430 kDa

Molecular weight of Glucose – 180.15588

a) Did any of substances travel against their concentration gradient? Describe why or why not.

b) Using your results from Chart 2, what was the fastest rate of facilitated diffusion recorded? _______________. Explain the conditions that were used to attain this rate.

c) List two ways to improve the rate of glucose transport

d) Whether the NaCl affect the glucose transport?

e)  Whether the NaCl need a transport protein for diffusion? Why or why not?


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