Globalization – Mid Assessement

MBA 7710  – Assessment

INDIVIDUAL EFFORT  – The assessment is based on your learning in weeks 1 – 3


  1. Each question is a maximum of 300 – 500 words.
  2. Number your answers.
  3. Do not write in generalities. Make specific references to countries, regions and nations, as relevant. Recitation of definitions and descriptions are not complete answers.
  4. Use comparative data and charts.
  5. You are provided an initial reference. Use other references provided in your readings and LibGuides.  Do not rely exclusively on google search results.
  6. Cite all sources, in-text and in the reference section. Use APA specified format.
  7. Each question carries equal weight.
  8. Deadlines must be met. NEVER email your answers.  You MUST use the link in Canvas to submit your work.
  9. Use MS Word
  10. Do not wait until the eleventh hour to start your work. Remember, your best and thoughtful answers come to you when you give yourself time to think about these questions and view them from multiple perspectives.

Question 1 – (maximum 300 – 500 words).

Reflect on the Kara’s research on the expansion of the middle class across the global.

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Globalization – Mid Assessement
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  1. A) Explore the distribution of the expansion across regions and countries
  2. B) Discuss the implications for global consumption and for social and environmental impact


Kharas, H. (February 2017). The Unprecedented Expansion Of The Global Middle Class An Update. Global Economy and Development Working Paper 100. Brookings Institution. Retrieved from

Question 2 – (maximum 300 -500 words).

Based on your learning of global value chains,

  1. Discuss the shifting nature of international trade from finished goods to intermediate goods
  2. Discuss your perspective on the current US international trade conflicts involving tariffs, sanctions and retaliatory actions and their impact on multinational enterprises and consumers.


OECD Trade Policy Briefs. (December 2018). Trade Policy Implications of Global Value Chains. (December 2018).  OECD trade Policy Briefs.  Retrieved from


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