Global Warming


Thesis: Global warming is a serious problem that we as a society must work on reversing while there is still time. Proper apa 7th edition citations and references please. Please use at least three sources. And they must be reputable college-style sources. Preferably peer-reviewed sources. My rough draft outline for the paper which needs to serve as some direction for the paper. I.               Global Warming a.    Then vs. Now i.               Facts and figures ii.             Science b.    How to combat Global Warming i.               What did we do to fight it? ii.             Did it make a difference? iii.            Are we still fighting it? iv.            What steps can we take to reverse it? c.     Why are we not more concerned? i.               What happens if we refuse to fight and reverse it? ii.             Is America on board with fighting Global Warming? d.    Coming together to fight and reverse it i.               What steps can we take individually? ii.             What steps can we take on a state level? iii.            What steps can corporations take? iv.            What steps can countries take? e.    Global warming reversed i.               Benefits of reversed global warming ii.             How to sustain the reversal iii.            A future for our children

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Global Warming
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