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In guinea pigs, white coat (w) is recessive to black coat (W) and wavy hair (v) is recessive to straight hair (V). A breeder crosses a female guinea pig that is homozygous for white coat and straight with a male guinea pig that is homozygous for both black and wavy hair. The F1 are then testcrossed a number of times and 44 guinea pigs were produced with the following phenotypes: 5 guinea pigs with black, straight hair; 16 guinea pigs with black, wavy hair; 17 guinea pigs with white, straight hair; and 6 guinea pigs with white wavy hair.

a. Carry out a chi-square test to determine whether or not the genes for coat color and hair type are assorting independently. What is the X2 value? To get the correct answer, you must use 2 decimal places throughout your calculation and in the answer.

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Genetics question – guinea pigs | Homework Help
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b. Are the genes linked?

ONE WORD answer please – yes or no

c. If the genes are linked, what is the map distance between these genes? Just enter the number NOT the unit.

d. What is the linkage arrangement of these genes in the dihybrid? ONE WORD Answer



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